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About Us

Amith Inc, a leading manufacturer of Precoil Brand of Thread Inserts is headquartered in Bangalore. With a lean manufacturing set-up and a quality-driven production process, Amith Inc supplies high-quality, precision made, cost effective thread inserts used in variety of applications.

With a mission to be a leading player in the Thread Inserts industry, Amith Inc is run by a team of qualified professionals and a constant focus on Research & Development.

Mr Somashekar, the founder and CEO of Amith Inc has 10 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Known for his sharp focus on quality and customer satisfaction, he has been consulting for clients on the application of Thread Inserts. He intends to create a ecosystem of manufacturing units to help clients across the country to reap the benefits of Precoil range of products and solutions.


To be the global leader in manufacturing and supplying thread inserts and related products to a wide variety of applications.


To create a world class manufacturing capability to produce Thread inserts with zero defects and offer innovative solutions


Amith is ISO 9001 certified and applies Six Sigma best practices in manufacturing the Precoil range of Thread Inserts and related products.